Buy Arcade Machines to visit your childhood

Visit for buying retro styled arcade machines. These machines are just not for the children but also for the adults who loved playing retro games in their childhood. The main intention of this company is to provide the current generation with retro styled arcade machines that people played with in the past. They have taken the help of the latest technologies to make these complete entertainment systems with all the features like MP3 Jukebox, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, Karaoke and Pinball. They even design arcade cabinets and other accessories than are needed in a game room. They make sure of using only the best quality materials and arcade parts, so that they can give the best and that too at the best prices. These arcade machines are so made that they can fit anywhere from homes and offices to bars and game rooms.


touch screen jukebox

Fusion X is their flagship product and it comes in two varieties or designs namely Ice and Jet. They also have arcade machines for other games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and many more. Fusion X is quite portable and small enough to be fixed in any room and is your best option to re-visit your childhood. In short, you will have your own arcade and you would not have to visit your near arcade to experience gaming. Wall mounted touch screen MP3 jukeboxes, dart boards, pool tables are some of the other products expected to be launched in this year. These arcade machines comes with a menu system and are extremely easy to use.


Cocktail Arcade Machine

You can just log on to the website and place your orders. They will deliver the products at your door step. You can follow them at Facebook and also subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated about any latest product. They have many easy paying options and have many satisfied customers. 




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